Where to buy Instax

INSTANT CELEBRATION personalised sticker frames are made for instax products. Instax film comes in 3 sizes: WIDE, SQUARE, MINI. What size do you like?

See below the different camera options: WIDE, SQUARE and MINI.
Or what about the SHARE printer? This enables you to print the same picture from any device. Perfect for your baby birth cards or save the dates!

Start designing right away and pay at the check-out. Do you need extra film or a camera? Please have a look at our official resellers list to see where you can buy Instant Celebration and other Instax products.

  • WIDE

    This size is twice as wide as instax mini. Allowing you to capture the wider world around you. To make sure no one gets cut out of the fun.


    New square-format that photographers love across the globe.

  • MINI

    Cute Pocketsize Pictures that fit in a purse or wallet.

  • SHARE SP-2/3

    Digital Wireless printer for instax mini and square film. Prints directly from your phone. Perfect for baby birth cards or any invitation!